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Invent Vermont: We have no meetings scheduled at this time.

Here are some other local groups with activities of interest to the inventor / innovator community:

the Burlington Generator -- on-going maker space activities
Vermont Tech Jam -- subscribe for weekly updates
UVM Center for Leadership and Innovation -- subscribe for meeting notices
Vermont Venture Network -- monthly meetings featuring our best local entrepreneurs.

As always, we will attempt to reply in a timely fashion to your individual inventor's inquiries.
InventVermont needs you to help organize meetings and work with other local inventors on a more personal basis.

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Kudos to InventVermont's newest life member, Schuyler Gould of Barre!

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InventVermont is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which promotes invention in Vermont:

Education and Networking
Meetings are held featuring speakers who are experts in fields of interest to Vermont inventors. These meetings provide education to inventors on ways to develop their ideas and bring them to market. Time for networking is provided at the end of each meeting, so that inventors can tap the resources of other inventors or business people to facilitate the development of their own ideas.

Private Inventor Help Sessions
These confidential sessions offer inventors the opportunity to have their invention idea reviewed by peers possessing a variety of skills and expertise. These sessions provide objective feedback on their idea and generate multiple solutions to problems they are encountering in the commercialization of the idea. A non-disclosure agreement protects the inventor and allows him/her to share freely.

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This Web Site
Explore to find resources for self-help, inventor-to-inventor and inventor-to-expert interactions!

Among the many outstanding presentations available on this website , the following are of particular interest to new inventors:

Presenting Your Idea -- an outline of Why, Who and What

Got It Across? -- a checklist for presenting a product idea

Developing a New Product from Concept to Reality -- discussion of technology and market driven inventions/products

Understanding and Protecting Intellectual Property -- patents, trademarks and copyrights.

From Invention to Business - The Role of the VtSBDC (Vermont Small Business Development Center)

These 10 steps guide inventors through the stages of successfully turning new product ideas into revenue streams.

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