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Member Name: Leonard Duffy
Title of Invention: Advanced Fastening Technologies
Email Address: LDUFFY@WCVT.COM
Street or P.O. Box: PO Box 99
City: Hinesburg
State: VT
Zipcode: 05461
Description of Invention: From: Chittenden Research and Development, LLC
Invented by: Leonard Duffy; Hinesburg, Vermont

CR&D has developed a family of surface fastening systems with significant advantages over hook-and-loop (i.e.Velcro®) and other pressure activated systems as well as conventional fasteners and adhesives. These technologies provide stronger, more durable, quieter, and more economical connections: and most systems can be integrally manufactured as a surface feature of an injection molded product.

QwikGrip(TM) and Percheron(TM) systems include an array of very low profile interlocking islands which self-engage to provide a very strong bond which can be readily released. Variations include electrical connectors and self-sealing edges. Watch bands, shoes, snowshoe bindings, safety helmet straps, and display systems are just a few of many field tested applications.

iHOOK(TM) systems provide hook-and-loop hook zones integrally molded with a product: eliminating the cost and performance problems of attached hook and loop and also offering new methods of assembling both flexible and rigid components.

OXTM zero-profile systems provide economical, flexible, strong, self-adhering wraps and straps for packaging, medical applications, and a wide range of other uses.

CR&D's self-adhering unitary orthopedic appliance was the grand prize winner of the international "2004 Create the Future Contest" sponsored by NASA Tech Briefs and Emhart Technologies Corporation. Other specific applications of CR&Dís Advanced Fastening Technologies, ranging from sports equipment to personal care products, are currently in development.

Licensing opportunities are presently available.

Chittenden Research and Development invents and designs unique solutions for everyday problems, and provides consulting services regarding product design and usability. Other current projects include tools, toys, outdoor equipment, and accessibility products.
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