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Member Name: David Mann
Title of Invention: Flue Pan Washer for Maple Sugar Evaporator
Email Address: dsmannservice@yahoo.com
Street or P.O. Box: 210 Highmeadows Rd
City: Waterville
State: VT
Zipcode: 05492
Description of Invention: An In-Place Wash System for a Maple Sugar Evaporator Flue Pan. Housed in the steam hood over the flue pan, a manifold of spray nozzles extending the width of the pan travels on a track the entire length of the pan to pressure spray the bottom, sides, and ends of the pan. This system consists of an in-place wash manifold and track, a drive motor and control box, and a stainless steel tank with filters and pump.

The washer is designed to be used after each boiling to remove sediment and niter build up before it becomes baked on. Excessive build up can restrict sap flow to the front pans, block forced air systems, and lead to overheating and distortion of the stainless steel pan.

Once the pan is drained of concentrate and the holding tank is filled with water, the washer is started. The pump supplies the spray manifold as it travels along the track, reversing when it reaches each end. The rinse water returns to the holding tank through the rear pan drains. It passes through filters before recirculating through the pan. The drive motor and supply pump operate on a timed sequence and shut off at the end of the wash cycle.

Wash systems are custom made and are available from David Mann. For more information contact: David Mann at 802-644-5637 or dsmannservice@yahoo.com.
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