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Member Name: George DeCell
Title of Invention: SafetyCaps
Sales Link: http://www.safetycaps.com
Email Address: george@safetycaps.com
Street or P.O. Box: 334 Sam Webb Road
City: Fairfax
State: VT
Zipcode: 05454
Description of Invention: One day George, a stay-at-home-dad - while doing household chores - removed a standard sized electrical outlet plug from the wall to use the vacuum cleaner. He put the plug on a table, and when he turned around his daughter was choking on it. It was the longest few minutes of his life, while he worked to remove the object from her throat. Thankfully Sage was not hurt by the incident, just scared; and she is now four-and-a-half-years-old and enjoys pre-school.

The devoted dad and entrepreneur then spent over a year conducting extensive research and learned that it is beneficial to use an electrical outlet safety product to protect children from electrical shock. But George realized, from his daughter's incident, that these products in themselves might pose a danger. His concern was reflected through statements published by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Medical Association, both arguing that essentially "if it fits in a toddler's mouth then it poses a choke hazard." Standard sized outlet plugs, like the ones in George's house, easily fit in a toddlers' mouth.

George designed the world's first over-sized electrical outlet plug - SafetyCaps. These broader outlet plugs were created using pacifier regulations which require at least a 1¾ inch shield and two air holes in the shield. George managed to create the Vermont-made product at a very low cost; and in June 2005 he launched SafetyCaps on its website www.safetycaps.com.

In July 2006 the USPTO issued a patent for SafetyCaps. Since that time, George has been honored with the Lemelson-MIT inventor of the week, SafetyCaps has won The National Parenting Centers 2006 Seal of Approval, and have received the SafeKids Worldwide organizations approval. Various hospitals and not-for-profit organizations around the US are educating parents about SafetyCaps through the SafetyCaps Electrical Safety Awareness Program, a program designed to educate parents about the hazards of electrical shock and choking.

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