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Member Name: Raymond Torrey
Title of Invention: Snake Mountain Rattler Topsoil Screener
Sales Link: http://www.snakemtrattler.com
Email Address: rosetorrey@gmail.com
Street or P.O. Box: 1831 mountain road
City: Bridport
State: VT
Zipcode: 05734
Description of Invention: There is a monster loose in the Champlain Valley, it has matured and adapted to its environment becoming more efficient and powerful. It dominates to the point of extinction of other species. Over the winter it did not lie dormant, it matured and evolved. Its massive jaw can dislocate into 4 separate sections, each 6 ½ ft long. The depth of its bite has doubled, and the jaws grew sharp white triangular teeth, 1 ½" long and wide-over 50 per jaw. The teeth pulverize and perforate clods of dirt 5 times a second, generating 60000 tooth strikes per minute. The beast has an insatiable appetite for debris ridden compost and earth. It chews through rocks and roots, filtering them out through its teeth and jaws. It spits the remnants in a pile as it gorges itself on the sweet rewards which are stored in the 300 cubic foot belly to be scavenged by bob cats.
     Be Wary - The Diamond Back Rattler has been known to lurk around Champlain Valley Equipment, on Exchange St. Middlebury. In place of feet, it has wheels; In place of a leash, it has a hitch. See if you can spot it. Rent or buy the Rattler or its tenacious little brother with the overactive pituitary gland, the eastern diamond back guinea, and help keep them fed.
For more information, including video, visit our website at www.Snakemtrattler.com or call Ray Torrey 1-802-545-2144

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