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Member Name: George A Powch
Title of Invention: Flexible Displays in your Future - Wearable Displays?
Informational Link: http://www.versatls.com
Email Address: info@versatls.com
Street or P.O. Box: 488 Ridgefield Rd.
City: Shelburne
State: VT
Zipcode: 05482
Description of Invention: Imagine your "laptop" a portable cylinder from which you might unroll a thin, full color screen, or a display pulled down like an old-fashioned window shade. Or imagine clothes that are displays ... that can change patterns. Download the fashion of the day, anyone?

We are all accustomed to clam-shell laptops, big screen TVs, displays and ubiquitous signage (think Times Square or Las Vegas) ... but displays (and lighting) technology is about to undergo a transformation to cheaper, brighter, lighter, thinner and eventually flexible displays. Such technology will be made possible by an industry transition from liquid crystal display (LCD) technology to one based on Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology and its variations.

But key to such a transition is a new kind of active matrix array of tiny transistors that control the individual pixels of the display, or "backplane." The transistors have to have higher performance than the so-called amorphous silicon transistors currently used, and be manufacturable at very low cost on flexible substrates, ideally on plastic sheets.

Ajay Jain, an inventor, and George Powch, a high tech entrepreneur and angel investor, founded Versatilis LLC in 2004 in Shelburne, VT to build on and exploit electronics technology for such backplanes, and to develop new and license related technologies.

The Company pursued SBIRs from the beginning, both for funding and as a form of validating its technologies and building commercial relationships. Versatilis won a first SBIR from ONR (Office of Naval Research) to show manufacturing of ultra low cost RFID tags using its technologies, which it then converted into a Phase II project with DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) for portable phased array antennas. The Company won another early SBIR from MDA (Missile Defense Agency) to show feasibility of curved infrared detectors in missile seekers and a more recent SBIR from ARL (Army Research Labs) for developing flexible display backplanes using non-silicon transistors. Versatilis was a 2006 winner of the national Roland Tibbetts Award for SBIR excellence, and has just received notice of its fifth SBIR award, a Phase II from ARL. Since its inception, the Company has filed fourteen patent applications which are in various stages of prosecution.

While Versatilis has been pursuing military applications for its technologies, the focus is on technology that will fit next generation displays markets. For example, if you would like to disappear, consider active camouflage ... imagine a camera that displays what it sees on your clothes? Is downloading wearable fashions so far fetched?

Extra Stuff
To date, multiple patents have been filed on a series of inventions surrounding manufacturing methods and materials for flexible electronics, particularly flexible displays. The first issued patent involves a novel method of photolithography based on simultaneous exposure of multiple layers of wavelength sensitive photoresists. Another patent includes a novel Versulite™ substrate material, a high temperature, transparent, flexible and crystalline insulating material on which heteroepitaxy of several semiconductor materials has been shown.

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