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InventVermont has created the "Fund for the Future," an endowment to guarantee the long-term growth and sustainable future of our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. A little money combined from many of us will help everyone in the State of Vermont to have the opportunity to bring their idea to market. By supporting this fund, you support the work of InventVermont to generate homegrown Vermont businesses, businesses that provide a sustainable economy with quality jobs that keep Vermont the place we love to live in.

Money donated to this fund will be invested securely, only the income from the fund will be used to meet the goals as outlined in the Fund Allocation Policy. All donations are tax deductible.

Phase I
The goal of Phase I is to raise enough funding to make InventVermont sustainable indefinitely as an educational organization supporting Vermont's innovative citizens. The income from the endowment will pay for member services such as: meeting rooms, web hosting, web updates, etc. It will allow membership dues to be used for developing new programs and services to help entrepreneurs.

Phase II
The goal of Phase II is to raise funds that will support a small group of part time staff for the organization. Once staffed, InventVermont will be better positioned to offer one-on-one help to entrepreneurs.

Phase III
The goal of Phase III is to raise enough funds to start a fund offering early stage seed grants to entrepreneurs with promising ideas.

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