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Hammerhead Sled
September 16, 2008
Member: Steve Luhr

How many of you have ran into the problem of cheap sleds made out of plastic break or fall apart just after a few runs down a hill? That is the exact problem that Steve Luhr ran into and decided to do something about it. In 2002 Steve saw an opportunity of creating an adult sled that would be a high performance affordable gravity sled. He believed that the market size was big, the opportunity was great and in 2003 Steve ran with his idea and created the Hammerhead Sled.

Hammerhead Sled's provides their customers with a cutting edge winter product that is user friendly and an alternative on-mountain activity. The sled is fast, comfortable and easily controllable for any hill or slope. Hammerhead is designed to be the best snow sled in existence. The hopes are to bring sledding back to a recreational popular past time as well as a winter sport. The name 'Hammerhead' came from the design and shape of the sled; it looks like a shark. From Steve's research and surveying of his target customers he believed this was a perfect shape that could characterize his ideas and goals. Steve hopes that Hammerhead Sled will be the innovators of market sleds and apparel.

The U.S. Patent Office granted a patent for the invention of the Hammerhead Sled; giving protection on the products features and how the product functions that enhances control, performance and comfort. Hammerhead is in the process on working on international patents.

This year Hammerhead Sled was awarded 'Gear of the Year' from the Outside Magazine. In 2005, Business Week gave the sled the 'Silver Medal Award' as well as ISPO (International Sport Organization) awarded the sled 'Best of New Brand.'

Steve thanks InventVermont on helping him get organized and helping him make many connections with other inventors. He believes that InventVermont is a great tool that inventors should make use of.

For the future he hopes to design new sled models and accessories at the family price range.

Hammerhead has substantial distribution in the U.S. with national retailers such as EMS, REI and LL Bean. If you don't have time to get to one of these stores to find out more details visit their website at http://www.hammerheadsled.com.

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