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Quantaspec, Inc.
June 28, 2006
Member: Kenneth Puzey

Kenneth Puzey, Chief Executive Officer, of Quantaspec, Inc. "solves problems as an engineer." About six years ago when a customer brought a problem to his attention, he believed in himself that he would be able to create a solution and that is exactly what he did. That very decision is what brought him into what he is doing today.

Quantaspec Incorporated performs contract R&D services for commercial sector clients as well as for the government. Ken and his only other full time employee, Brian, are currently developing systems for standoff detection of explosives, chemicals, biological and radiological materials. Currently, QuantaSpec has one patent published and has a trademark on the name QuantaSpec. A problem that keeps hanging over Ken's head is that there is not enough capital; he has so many great ideas, but can't implement the ideas due to the lack of capital. This is one challenge that he hopes to overcome in the near future. Ken has had help from a state grant, $10,000 EPSCOR grant to help bring in more capital.

This year QuantaSpec received a $99,990 contract from the department of Homeland Security developing miniaturized chemical/biological/explosive sensors for cell phones. Last year QuantaSpec received a three quarter million dollar contract from the U.S. Air Force to work on advance detection of explosive devices. That is not the only contract that QuantaSpec has received from the U.S. Air Force; in 2006 he also received a $100,000 to work on stand off detection of explosives. That same year he was granted $93,000 from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to work on the automated detection of bacteria in food products using infrared light. Lastly, in 2004 QuantaSpec was granted a $650,000 research contract with the National Center of Counter Terrorism to work on the advance detection of improvised explosive devices.

In the past, Ken has done research and development of computer algorithms that identifies bacterial species from their infrared signatures. He was approved in March 2006 for a Phase 1 on Advanced Detection of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), which are needed to save the lives of soldiers. QuantaSpec developed patent pending methods for long-range, sensitive, and selective standoff detection of explosives and has demonstrated additional explosive detection capabilities and improvements.

Ken credits InventVermont for helping him meet other inventors for the possibility of collaborations; which he is now currently connecting with a fellow InventVermont member on cancer diagnostics. He has obtained encouragement and interest through InventVermont and loves how it helped network him further into other commercial opportunities..

Visit http://www.quantaspec.com/ for more information.

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