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Our Mission

InventVermont is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission to promote innovation, invention and creativity through educational programs and by providing a mechanism for sharing information among its members and associates. InventVermont is a forum for the development and nurturing of the capabilities of its members to conceive, develop, patent, market, and benefit from the innovation process.

Inventors, Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Vermonters have a proud history of innovation and creativity. In today's globally competitive environment, it is more important than ever that this spirit be encouraged and enhanced in the full range of Vermonters' activities and interests: business, government, education, technology, arts and crafts, agriculture, personal leisure and recreation. This need is being addressed by the state of Vermont, Vermont's educational establishment and by numerous organizations and businesses. [see Resources ]

For more than 10 years, InventVermont has been a key resource for Vermont's innovators, with a particular focus on individual and small business inventors. In this context, "invention" refers to the entire process of innovative idea through successful commercialization with suitable protection of intellectual property assets. [see 10 steps ]

In the realm of business and commerce, innovation is associated with entrepreneurship. With deference to the old "build a better mousetrap..." adage, certainly for all inventions other than mousetraps inventors can expect a long and challenging path to success: successful inventors must have entrepreneurial spirit and skills.

By the same token, almost all successful entrepreneurs must be innovative. But this does not necessarily imply "invention" in the sense used here. Examples: recognition of an unrealized market opportunity for a well-established product or service, or implementation of a well-established business methodology to a situation where it is not being effectively applied.

Although successful artists, artisans, craft-people and makers must be innovative, it is often not cost-effective or legally feasible to pursue the full invention process for their creations.

Thus InventVermont strives to partner with other members of the Vermont innovation community:
  • to enhance innovation in general.
  • to help community members recognize when their activities warrant pursuit of the invention process.
  • to help community members successfully complete the invention process by effective utilization of available self-help, peer-to-peer and professional resources.
  • to promote the interests of Vermont's inventor community.

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