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Bill Parker

Bill Parker is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Diffraction LTD.

He and his company have spent the last fifteen years inventing and developing innovative technologies to facilitate the cost effective manufacture of micro-and nano-fabricated devices. These technologies include interferometric and holographic lithography, step-and-flash (soft) lithography, gray scale mask lithography, nano-indenting, optically patterned aerogels and PDMS molds, and laser ablation. The applications of these manufacturing approaches have enabled the production of numerous advanced optical devices, microfluidics, biomolecular sensors, motion detectors, microlens arrays, and photonic crystal optical filters.

Mr. Parker’s current research efforts are aimed at advancing technologies for counter-terrorism and national security applications. Some of the research topics being pursued in his laboratories are in the areas of non-lethal weapons, explosive detection, anti-RPG and IED defeat, target tagging and marking, advanced night vision, facial polygraphy and personal security.

He received his BS and MS degrees from MIT and the MIT Media Lab with undergraduate and graduate research in high energy lasers, electronic holography and plasma physics. Mr. Parker has been granted 22 patents worldwide and is best known as the inventor of the “plasma sphere” an interactive plasma demonstration seen and enjoyed by hundreds of millions of people in nearly every science museum in the world.

Member SPIE, AAAS, OSA, APS. 1979 Wiesner Award winner.

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