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Click for larger image Starr Surf Skis LLC
Date: 4/30/09
Member: Jason Starr

Jason Starr of Colchester has been working for a half decade to invent and develop the sport of surf skiing. The sport combines surfing and skiing the opposite way that snowboarding did. It brings skiing to the surf.

Starr received a patent in February on the process of using waves as a force for skiing and has a pending application on the ski and binding system.

Click for larger image His company, Starr Surf Skis LLC, manufactures and markets surf skis with a product launch in the works. A former competitive skier, Starr is recruiting athletes from all skiing disciplines to see how their skills translate when using waves as the terrain. Alpine and telemark surfing, he calls it.

At the core of the invention is a belief that surfing and skiing share a bond as originals in the world of action sports, both rooted in rich cultures and ancient histories and both fueled by timeless sources of peace and power - the ocean and the mountains.

Click for larger image They co-exist harmoniously on the snow, and the relationship now evolves to the surf.

Starr moved to Vermont in 2007 and was excited to find InventVermont as a resource to further his concept. He sought an "inventor help session" that year and received valuable information about proceeding through the patent process and working with suppliers to put his product together.

University of Vermont business professor Dr. Kathleen Liang attended that session, and Jason and Kathleen worked together the following fall when students in her community entreprenuership class developed a business plan for Starr Surf Skis.

Starr remains an Invent Vermont member and continues to use information from the monthly speakers and events to guide his product development and marketing strategies. He has also teamed with fellow member Brooke Scatchard - inventor of the Sike - to develop a new binding idea for surf skiing.

He can be reached by email at jstarr@starrsurfskis.com or through the website www.starrsurfskis.com.

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