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The ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center will host an ECHO After Dark event called, That's Brilliant! on December 8, 2011, featuring the local inventor community. That's Brilliant! will be a social gathering where exciting local inventions will be presented with fun, hands-on activities and a chance for the general public to mingle with the inventor community and those who have clever ideas that distinguishes their product from their competition.

The goal of the event is for ECHO and InventVermont to increase awareness of what each organization has to offer the local community. ECHO benefits from the event by reaching beyond their normal school-age audience to an adult audience. InventVermont benefits from the event by reaching more inventors and entrepeneurs. Local inventors and business owners benefit from the event by reaching the general public with their ideas and networking with other inventors.

Booths will be available for corporate sponsors as well as InventVermont members and non-members that would like to offer their services and share their experiences, novel ideas and inventions with the general public.

There is no charge to those presenting, and the presenters are permitted to sell their wares and services during the event. However, we do not want to make this a giant infomercial, therefore, presenters must refrain from pushy or overt selling. We are also looking for some exciting hands-on activities, anything to excite the public and make the event fun for everyone (please send us your suggestions).

The event will run from 6:30-8:30 PM, on Thursday December 8th, at the ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center, and is open to the public ages 21 and older. ECHO will provide a cash bar and charge admission to the public to cover appetizers and event staff costs. ECHO will also provide a 2' x 5' table for each booth, and access to power and/or water if notified in advance.

The event will not have scheduled presentations, but will instead be an informal social gathering with cocktails and appetizers available for everyone while the general public wanders between booths and mingles with the inventor community. There will also be door-prizes and a competition where the general public votes or otherwise identifies their favorite invention or booth. Please forward this communication to anyone else that may want to participate with a booth or attend socially.

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